Feauture Film . 2022 . 148 min
Director: Constantin Hatz

Berlinale 2022 - Heiner-Carow-Price
German cinematographer award - feature film - nomination

In a dying village, a lonely boy tries to enter the springtime of his life and falls victim to inhumane circumstances in the face of the callousness of his surroundings.

Thirteen-year-old Daniel lives with his older brother and terminally ill father in a village plagued by rural exodus. The young people there live their lives amidst rare business opportunities, xenophobia, unemployment, illegal dog fights and chemical intoxicants. Daniel is caught between childhood and adolescence and, faced with the indifferent lack of love and stagnation of his surroundings, becomes a victim of inhuman conditions that force him into a painful loneliness.


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Rafael Starman
Director of Photgraphy & Cinematographer